TeX Live TFM Compliance Reports

Compliance reports for TFM files in the TeX Live distribution

TeX Live 2024. 78945 fonts inspected. 2983 fonts skipped (OFM / JFM data; not supported yet).
696 non-compliant fonts, 1 warning kind, 2 error kinds found.

Reports generated on Fri May 10 16:34:13 2024 GMT+1 with TFM Validate 1.0 beta 1 "QT Beckman" / TFM 1.1 patchlevel 1 "Carolingan Miniscules".

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Font Index

ArevSans-Bold ArevSans-BoldOblique
chess10 cmcitt10 cmcssqi8
chess20 cmcsl10 cmcti10
chess30 cmcsl12 cmcti12
chessf10 cmcsl8 cmcti7
chessfig10 cmcsl9 cmcti8
cmcb10 cmcsltt10 cmcti9
cmcbx10 cmcss10 cmctt10
cmcbx12 cmcss12 cmctt12
cmcbx5 cmcss17 cmctt8
cmcbx6 cmcss8 cmctt9
cmcbx7 cmcss9 cmcu10
cmcbx8 cmcssbx10 cmcyr10
cmcbx9 cmcssdc10 cmcyr12
cmcbxsl10 cmcssi10 cmcyr17
cmcbxti10 cmcssi12 cmcyr5
cmccsc10 cmcssi17 cmcyr6
cmccsc8 cmcssi8 cmcyr7
cmccsc9 cmcssi9 cmcyr8
cmcinch cmcssq8 cmcyr9
ecbi0500 ecoc1728 ecst1728
ecbi0600 ecoc2074 ecst2074
ecbi0700 ecoc2488 ecst2488
ecbi0800 ecoc2986 ecst2986
ecbi0900 ecoc3583 ecst3583
ecbi1000 ecrb0500 ecsx0500
ecbi1095 ecrb0600 ecsx0600
ecbi1200 ecrb0700 ecsx0700
ecbi1440 ecrb0800 ecsx0800
ecbi1728 ecrb0900 ecsx0900
ecbi2074 ecrb1000 ecsx1000
ecbi2488 ecrb1095 ecsx1095
ecbi2986 ecrb1200 ecsx1200
ecbi3583 ecrb1440 ecsx1440
ecbl0500 ecrb1728 ecsx1728
ecbl0600 ecrb2074 ecsx2074
ecbl0700 ecrb2488 ecsx2488
ecbl0800 ecrb2986 ecsx2986
ecbl0900 ecrb3583 ecsx3583
ecbl1000 ecrm0500 ectc0800
ecbl1095 ecrm0600 ectc0900
ecbl1200 ecrm0700 ectc1000
ecbl1440 ecrm0800 ectc1095
ecbl1728 ecrm0900 ectc1200
ecbl2074 ecrm1000 ectc1440
ecbl2488 ecrm1095 ectc1728
ecbl2986 ecrm1200 ectc2074
ecbl3583 ecrm1440 ectc2488
ecbx0500 ecrm1728 ectc2986
ecbx0600 ecrm2074 ectc3583
ecbx0700 ecrm2488 ecti0500
ecbx0800 ecrm2986 ecti0600
ecbx0900 ecrm3583 ecti0700
ecbx1000 ecsc0500 ecti0800
ecbx1095 ecsc0600 ecti0900
ecbx1200 ecsc0700 ecti1000
ecbx1440 ecsc0800 ecti1095
ecbx1728 ecsc0900 ecti1200
ecbx2074 ecsc1000 ecti1440
ecbx2488 ecsc1095 ecti1728
ecbx2986 ecsc1200 ecti2074
ecbx3583 ecsc1440 ecti2488
eccc0500 ecsc1728 ecti2986
eccc0600 ecsc2074 ecti3583
eccc0700 ecsc2488 ectt0800
eccc0800 ecsc2986 ectt0900
eccc0900 ecsc3583 ectt1000
eccc1000 ecsi0500 ectt1095
eccc1095 ecsi0600 ectt1200
eccc1200 ecsi0700 ectt1440
eccc1440 ecsi0800 ectt1728
eccc1728 ecsi0900 ectt2074
eccc2074 ecsi1000 ectt2488
eccc2488 ecsi1095 ectt2986
eccc2986 ecsi1200 ectt3583
eccc3583 ecsi1440 ecui0500
ecci0500 ecsi1728 ecui0600
ecci0600 ecsi2074 ecui0700
ecci0700 ecsi2488 ecui0800
ecci0800 ecsi2986 ecui0900
ecci0900 ecsi3583 ecui1000
ecci1000 ecsl0500 ecui1095
ecci1095 ecsl0600 ecui1200
ecci1200 ecsl0700 ecui1440
ecci1440 ecsl0800 ecui1728
ecci1728 ecsl0900 ecui2074
ecci2074 ecsl1000 ecui2488
ecci2488 ecsl1095 ecui2986
ecci2986 ecsl1200 ecui3583
ecci3583 ecsl1440 ecvi0800
ecdh0500 ecsl1728 ecvi0900
ecdh0600 ecsl2074 ecvi1000
ecdh0700 ecsl2488 ecvi1095
ecdh0800 ecsl2986 ecvi1200
ecdh0900 ecsl3583 ecvi1440
ecdh1000 ecso0500 ecvi1728
ecdh1095 ecso0600 ecvi2074
ecdh1200 ecso0700 ecvi2488
ecdh1440 ecso0800 ecvi2986
ecdh1728 ecso0900 ecvi3583
ecdh2074 ecso1000 ecvt0800
ecdh2488 ecso1095 ecvt0900
ecdh2986 ecso1200 ecvt1000
ecdh3583 ecso1440 ecvt1095
ecit0800 ecso1728 ecvt1200
ecit0900 ecso2074 ecvt1440
ecit1000 ecso2488 ecvt1728
ecit1095 ecso2986 ecvt2074
ecit1200 ecso3583 ecvt2488
ecit1440 ecss0500 ecvt2986
ecit1728 ecss0600 ecvt3583
ecit2074 ecss0700 ecxc0500
ecit2488 ecss0800 ecxc0600
ecit2986 ecss0900 ecxc0700
ecit3583 ecss1000 ecxc0800
eclb8 ecss1095 ecxc0900
ecli8 ecss1200 ecxc1000
eclo8 ecss1440 ecxc1095
eclq8 ecss1728 ecxc1200
ecltt8 ecss2074 ecxc1440
ecoc0500 ecss2488 ecxc1728
ecoc0600 ecss2986 ecxc2074
ecoc0700 ecss3583 ecxc2488
ecoc0800 ecst0800 ecxc2986
ecoc0900 ecst0900 ecxc3583
ecoc1000 ecst1000 Erewhon-Bold-tlf-ot2
ecoc1095 ecst1095 Erewhon-BoldItalic-tlf-ot2
ecoc1200 ecst1200 Erewhon-BoldSlanted-tlf-ot2
ecoc1440 ecst1440
fcmb7t fcmr7t fcsb7t
fcmbc7t fcmrc7t fcsbo7t
fcmbi7t fcmri7t fcsr7t
fcmbo7t fcmro7t fcsro7t
fcmbu7t fcmru7t
ieclb8 ieclo8 iecltt8
iecli8 ieclq8
jkpkosbsc8t jkplosbscsl8t jkpsskosbxsc8t
jkpkosbscsl8t jkplosbxsc8t jkpsskosbxscsl8t
jkpkosbxsc8t jkplosbxscsl8t jkpsskosmsc8t
jkpkosbxscsl8t jkplosmsc8t jkpsskosmscsl8t
jkpkosmsc8t jkplosmscsl8t jkpssosbsc8t
jkpkosmscsl8t jkposbsc8t jkpssosbscsl8t
jkplkosbsc8t jkposbscsl8t jkpssosbxsc8t
jkplkosbscsl8t jkposbxsc8t jkpssosbxscsl8t
jkplkosbxsc8t jkposbxscsl8t jkpssosmsc8t
jkplkosbxscsl8t jkposmsc8t jkpssosmscsl8t
jkplkosmsc8t jkposmscsl8t jkpssvosbsc8t
jkplkosmscsl8t jkpsskosbsc8t jkpssvosbxsc8t
jkplosbsc8t jkpsskosbscsl8t jkpssvosmsc8t
tcbi0500 tcrb2986 tcst2074
tcbi0600 tcrb3583 tcst2488
tcbi0700 tcrm0500 tcst2986
tcbi0800 tcrm0600 tcst3583
tcbi0900 tcrm0700 tcsx0500
tcbi1000 tcrm0800 tcsx0600
tcbi1095 tcrm0900 tcsx0700
tcbi1200 tcrm1000 tcsx0800
tcbi1440 tcrm1095 tcsx0900
tcbi1728 tcrm1200 tcsx1000
tcbi2074 tcrm1440 tcsx1095
tcbi2488 tcrm1728 tcsx1200
tcbi2986 tcrm2074 tcsx1440
tcbi3583 tcrm2488 tcsx1728
tcbl0500 tcrm2986 tcsx2074
tcbl0600 tcrm3583 tcsx2488
tcbl0700 tcsi0500 tcsx2986
tcbl0800 tcsi0600 tcsx3583
tcbl0900 tcsi0700 tcti0500
tcbl1000 tcsi0800 tcti0600
tcbl1095 tcsi0900 tcti0700
tcbl1200 tcsi1000 tcti0800
tcbl1440 tcsi1095 tcti0900
tcbl1728 tcsi1200 tcti1000
tcbl2074 tcsi1440 tcti1095
tcbl2488 tcsi1728 tcti1200
tcbl2986 tcsi2074 tcti1440
tcbl3583 tcsi2488 tcti1728
tcbx0500 tcsi2986 tcti2074
tcbx0600 tcsi3583 tcti2488
tcbx0700 tcsl0500 tcti2986
tcbx0800 tcsl0600 tcti3583
tcbx0900 tcsl0700 tctt0800
tcbx1000 tcsl0800 tctt0900
tcbx1095 tcsl0900 tctt1000
tcbx1200 tcsl1000 tctt1095
tcbx1440 tcsl1095 tctt1200
tcbx1728 tcsl1200 tctt1440
tcbx2074 tcsl1440 tctt1728
tcbx2488 tcsl1728 tctt2074
tcbx2986 tcsl2074 tctt2488
tcbx3583 tcsl2488 tctt2986
tcci0500 tcsl2986 tctt3583
tcci0600 tcsl3583 tcui0500
tcci0700 tcso0500 tcui0600
tcci0800 tcso0600 tcui0700
tcci0900 tcso0700 tcui0800
tcci1000 tcso0800 tcui0900
tcci1095 tcso0900 tcui1000
tcci1200 tcso1000 tcui1095
tcci1440 tcso1095 tcui1200
tcci1728 tcso1200 tcui1440
tcci2074 tcso1440 tcui1728
tcci2488 tcso1728 tcui2074
tcci2986 tcso2074 tcui2488
tcci3583 tcso2488 tcui2986
tcit0800 tcso2986 tcui3583
tcit0900 tcso3583 tcvi0800
tcit1000 tcss0500 tcvi0900
tcit1095 tcss0600 tcvi1000
tcit1200 tcss0700 tcvi1095
tcit1440 tcss0800 tcvi1200
tcit1728 tcss0900 tcvi1440
tcit2074 tcss1000 tcvi1728
tcit2488 tcss1095 tcvi2074
tcit2986 tcss1200 tcvi2488
tcit3583 tcss1440 tcvi2986
tcrb0500 tcss1728 tcvi3583
tcrb0600 tcss2074 tcvt0800
tcrb0700 tcss2488 tcvt0900
tcrb0800 tcss2986 tcvt1000
tcrb0900 tcss3583 tcvt1095
tcrb1000 tcst0800 tcvt1200
tcrb1095 tcst0900 tcvt1440
tcrb1200 tcst1000 tcvt1728
tcrb1440 tcst1095 tcvt2074
tcrb1728 tcst1200 tcvt2488
tcrb2074 tcst1440 tcvt2986
tcrb2488 tcst1728 tcvt3583
wslipa10 wslipa12 wslipa8
wslipa11 wslipa17 wslipa9
XCharter-Bold-tlf-ot1G XCharter-Italic-tlf-ot1G XCharter-Roman-tlf-ot1G
zavmr7t zcochmi-altf zutmia
zcochbmi-altf zutbmia